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Presentations January 5, 2011

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So far this school year I have given professional presentations about my use of educational technology to colleagues four times:
1. at the Chicago Public Schools Department of Libraries Back to School Conference in September
2. at the Illinois School Library Media Association (ISLMA) Conference in October [http://feeleyislma.wikispaces.com/]
3. at a Technology in Education class for library students at National Louis University in November [http://nlutobyrajputclass.wikispaces.com/]4
4. and at “Tech Talk 2010” in December hosted by the Chicago Public Schools Information and Technology Services Department [http://techtalkiams.wikispaces.com/].

I have submitted a proposal to present at the annual national conference of the American Association of School Libraries (a division of the American Library Association) in October 2011.

I have enjoyed these experiences, and I learned a lot at each of the conferences.

Tech Talk was excellent. I became aware of an incredible range of educational audio and video podcasts available for free through iTunes. I also became aware of the fact that all schools in CPS now have access to a service the streams online educational videos. I was able to put that to use right away with my middle school researchers that Monday. I also became aware that very soon videoconferencing will become available to all teachers in the CPS, who will be able to create their own videoconferencing “sessions.” This is really exciting. We will be able to communicate and share work with anybody around the world with a computer with Internet access, a camera, and a microphone.



1. Lisa Perez - January 6, 2011

Fran: I agree with you that Tech Talk was very valuable. I’m presenting at the ICE Conference in late Feb. If you will be there, let me know. You can help me present about wikis.

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