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Audiobooks and iPod shuffles April 28, 2010

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Below is a letter I wrote today to my school staff with information about the school library’s newly acquired audiobook collection and newly acquired iPod shuffles for playing the audiobooks. I am optimistic that the options provided by these new resources will have positive results for many students!

Dear IAMS Staff:
I have begun creating a digital audio library. To date I have 26 audiobooks stored in my computer that can be loaded onto nine iPod shuffles for checkout by teachers and students. Attached is a spreadsheet detailing the titles, languages, and the number of print copies of those works in the library.
Please take a look at it and consider ways to utilize these resources in your classroom.
Also, please offer suggestions for other specific titles you would like to use in the future. Only a fraction of books have audio versions, but I will do my best to find recordings of books you request.
The iPod shuffles can be played on headphones, on speakers, or with listening centers (with the right connectors). Please show me your listening center equipment, and I will purchase the needed accessories for them to work together.
I will also be making the nine iPod shuffles available for check-out by individual students, but I wanted to give you the first chance at using them before the year ends. I will create a form which parents can sign to give their students permission to use the iPods and to commit to paying the replacement cost if the unit is lost.
Below is a portion of the text of the grant proposal I wrote to obtain the grant for the iPods from DonorsChoose.org
The iPod shuffles are VERY basic. They have no screen and none of the usual “flash” of more high powered iPods. I think they represent a great option for exposing kids to great literature and to great language models.
Research has demonstrated that listening to audiobooks fosters reading comprehension, fluency, language acquisition, vocabulary development, and improved achievement. Moreover, students can benefit from opportunities to listen independently, encouraging the enjoyment of literature so critical to literacy development. For proficient readers, audiobooks present opportunities to develop comprehension skills and strategies in critical and creative thinking.
Fran Feeley
Bibliotecario Escolar/School Librarian



1. Stacie Bell - April 29, 2010

Congrats on the Donors Choose Grant. I’ve heard great things about them, but have never tried one myself. I think it is very brave of you to have iPods available for checkout. I would be worried about them being lost or broken. Are you going to have any grade limitations on who can check them out?
Just this year, I purchased some Playaways and have allowed them to be checked out. I have gotten them back OK, but it seems like I am constantly looking for fresh batteries. I think I need to invest in some rechargable ones.
Good luck with this. I look forward to reading about your success.

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