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Glogster! No, not monster – Glogster! March 23, 2010

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Bill Gates has nothing on me these days. I am finally settling into my new SUPERcomputer at home. There have been a few issues with applications and hardware that aren’t quite ready for Windows 7. Some will probably never be ready, and I regret that I see no way around the planned obsolescence build into the computer industry. See The Story of Stuff next time you have 2o minutes to spare. Other than those few Windows 7 issues it’s smooth sailing at home. To be prepared for an upcoming change from my current library software to a centralized library automation system (an exciting opportunity provided by the fantastic CPS Department of Libraries) I made an arrangement with my principal for the purchase of a new desktop PC for my checkout desk at work. My longstanding computer was VERY limited. The new one was delivered and installed today. So it bears repeating. These days Bill Gates has nothing on me!

I learned of yet another online tool this week called Glogster! Described on its home page as an, “original educational resource for innovative and interactive learning,” Glogster invites you to “Poster yourself.” In the spirit of transliteracy and cross-pollination, it allows users to create digital posters that combine audio, video, text, graphics, and links to just about anything. Like Voicethread.com, it provides yet another option for communication, presentation, and/or self-expression. To get familiar with it we were assigned to create a “glog” about our libraries. I included a few photos, some audio clips that I “grabbed” from my webcam, a very short video of myself speaking which I also “grabbed” from my webcam, graphics with links (one to my school’s website and one to brief video about the Battle of the Books program), and an embedded link to a YouTube video about a visit by the Cubs Caravan that I hosted at my school three years ago.

As with most of the tools new to me in this program, there was a frustration factor at the beginning as I figured out what the tool can and cannot do. Glogster is clearly designed for use by students. It’s very simple with a limited number of options. I did not locate any help functions but managed to figure out most of it by trial-and-error. I already find it quite easy. Although I haven’t figured out all the administrative options yet, it appears clear that this tool allows teachers to have a great deal of discretion with regard to student privacy and student-generated content.

I have not figured out a way to embed my first “glog” into this wordpress blog (WordPress is a LOT more complex than Glogster!). For the moment, I will simply include a link:

Fran’s glog about the Inter-American Magnet School Library

Regarding the use of this tool with students, I intend to use it first for an open-ended self-expression project rather than as a vehicle for reporting research findings. I will suggest that the kids use it to introduce themselves, express themselves, and share things they are passionate about with others.

I hope you like my glog! And I thought glog was a hot alcoholic beverage to stave off the cold of winter! What did I know?

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1. Lisa Perez - March 24, 2010

Fran: Your posts are always such a delight to read. You are very expressive and I look forward to seeing your first glog. Glad to hear you are doing so well in the computer department, too!


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