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Second Life: Meet Paco Asadar! March 17, 2010

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It’s been a week filled with tech wonders!

First of all my new SUPERcomputer finally arrived after three delays. I knew when it finally came it would be a mix of joy and anguish (see The Agony and the Ecstasy). Most of the data transfer effort went well, but I really struggled with transferring Microsoft Outlook 2002 data to Microsoft Outlook 2007. I was quite dismayed to discover that after making a purchase of this magnitude (and the purchase of the “Dell Premium Warranty”) neither Dell nor Microsoft was willing to offer me any support for my problem without charging me for it. I found each guilty of pushing the responsibility back on the other. I found out the hard way that I had forfeited Microsoft software support by having Microsoft Office preloaded by the manufacturer. In the spirit of learning, resourcefulness, and self-reliance I explored many online solutions, attempted several solutions, and even consulted with more expert friends. Finally today I threw in the towel and ponied up $50.00 for the fix.

So now – in addition to a great big screen, snappy design features, and a bevy of fun new beeps and bings – I am able to run multiple applications again simultaneously. Oh, Joy!!  iTunes, Outlook, First Class, Firefox, and even SECOND LIFE!!!!

Yes, Second Life.

I have made it clear in the past that I have resisted many available communication tools (See The End of My Resistance? …) . Of all the online environments that seemed the most dubious in value, Second Life was at the top of my list. About five years ago college classmate Kevin Guilfoile wrote a very well received book called Cast of Shadows. Major portions of the work take place in Second Life, a term which was not on everybody’s lips yet. And frankly, the book scared the hell out of me! In more recent years I became aware of the use of Second Life as a professional tool and periodically received notices about meetings and events from the Chicago Public Schools Department of Libraries, to which I said, “No thanks!”

When I enrolled in Project ELITE I knew the day was coming when my avatar would be born, and that day came last Thursday. Here is PACO ASADAR (on the left; exotic, I know) on his birthday posing with a couple of his Project ELITE classmates. I don’t know who is who yet, but aren’t we all pretty?

We had lots of fun at our first gathering in Second Life. Of course in reality we were already in the same room, which sped things up a lot! I befriended my classmates, joined some groups, and selected some places that are professionally interesting. With my new computer and operating system (Windows 7) everything is different but bigger and better, too! On Saturday I played around with Paco. I accidentally took off his pants, created a new pair, missed the old pair, and finally managed to suit him up in his original blue jeans again. I showed off Paco to guests on Saturday night, and they were quite fascinated and especially enjoyed watching him fly.

Today I attended my first meeting. The Project ELITE instructor (known as Elaine Tulip in Second Life) arranged for American Library Association Presidential Candidate Sara Kelly Johns to speak to interested librarians at the “ALA Island.” I arrived late due to a required update download and couldn’t figure out how to sit down. Almost everybody else was seated on comfy looking stacks of books. The experience was good! The sound was good. The format was good. There was a PowerPoint presentation. I was a little confused about the etiquette. There was an ongoing chat for everybody, most of which consisted of questions and comments directed to the presenter. It appeared that other group and one-to-one communication was going on simultaneously also. I suppose I will figure out the etiquette and what’s possible in time. After the presentation I enjoyed a one-to-one voice chat with Elaine Tulip, and the quality of that voice chat was as good or better than Skype’s. Another hurdle overcome!

Here’s another shot of PACO!

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1. fafeeley - March 17, 2010

Paco is very handsome! Actually I am only posting this comment about my own post to see if I successfully changed my GRAVATAR image.

2. Lisa Perez - March 17, 2010

I’m glad your first experience at a meeting in 2nd Life went well! I look forward to the day that the technology is available more broadly in educational applications for our students.

3. Kevin Guilfoile - March 22, 2010

It is an honor to have put even a small scare in you, brother.

You, me and Ta need to go have a meal sometime soon.

fafeeley - March 22, 2010

Yes to that! Are you coming to our 20th reunion in June? I am already registered. Best –

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