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WHEW! My first “online meeting.” February 10, 2010

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For a long time I wondered what a “virtual meeting” was like. Tonight I found out. In short, it’ s like being in a chat room with the benefits of leadership and an agenda. Did I enjoy it? Yes. Am I exhausted after only one hour? YES! I suppose I will build endurance with practice.

I always have to get my two cents in – even at a “virtual meeting,” so I was busy typing away and trying to keep up with the entire discussion flow (or at times, the various strands going on simultaneously on top of each other). But I managed!

Numerous times I felt the impulse to immediately explore a suggested resource or tool mentioned in the discussion. I quickly concluded that it wasn’t worthwhile to stray from the conversation long enough to explore those new resources. When I tried to multi-task in this way I  struggled to catch up with the discussion and ran the risk of offering a comment about a topic from which the group had already moved on! I began copying the posts including those suggestions and pasting them into a Word document for later reference. About 2 minutes after I began copying and pasting another participant made the suggestion to do exactly the same thing. Great minds think alike? Fortunately I don’t consider the ability to multi-task as valuable or desirable for me. So I will just stick with the discussion at these “virtual meetings.”

The text (and the pictures of the participants accompanying each post) is small in the discussion box. I tried to increase the text size in my browser but that increased the text size of everything outside of the discussion box. It did not increase the text size in the discussion box or the size of the participant photos. I might need to put this concern in the suggestion box at ning.com!

I have to go rest my eyes!



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